Nutrition Response Testing

We are excited to offer you new, specialized testing options including blood work, urine and saliva.

Two of our popular testing options :

* Hormones (men, women and weight issues) 

*Neurotransmitter (mood concerns like depression and anxiety, low physical energy, sleep disorders) .

Our Elite Testing option is our comprehensive analysis of your total system which allows you to have blood testing in your local area and receive a wellness plan personalized to you including nutritional, supplement, lifestyle and dietary recommendations. Problem areas are identified and carefully documented so that proactive measures may be taken to attain optimal health. 

This extensive testing can typically cost thousands of dollars but we offer more affordable options.

Call our office for a sample report to be emailed to you.

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Functional Test Interpretation & Consultation


30 Minute Private SKYPE or PHONE Consultation with Dr. Weaver

We offer functional test interpretation for those who have already conducted tests and have tests results. We will analyze your functional test and discuss our interpretation and recommendations in a 30 minute consultation as well as compiling our findings in a written report which will be emailed to you. We charge a flat rate fee of $125 for a single test analysis + consult and $75 for each additional test you would like reviewed and discussed in your consulting session.

We offer analysis services for any functional test. Some common tests are:

  • Blood Panel
  • Organic Acids
  • Stool and urine tests
  • 23andme

If you have multiple tests in need of analysis you may purchase multiple units at checkout. Please set the 'quantity' box to the appropriate number of tests you will be providing. You will be contacted shortly after your purchase via email with instructions regarding where to upload your test data.

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